World Premier – the Sea


This weekend Cello Times Two will premier “the Sea” for two cellos and fixed media.  What is fixed media?  Well, you’ll just have to come and listen.  We are performing this piece as a part of our new program, “From the Renaissance to the 21st Century.”


The piece was composed for Cello Times Two by Peter Kay.  Check out his website at:


Here is Peter’s description of the work:

Though inspired by Debussy’s piece, this work is not meant to imitate or answer the famous La Mer, rather, it is another perspective of a shared thing.

In the first movement, the free and fluid dialogue between the two cellos invokes an image of evening’s fading light playing upon calm, rolling waves. The lines play off of one another, dancing and floating until they fade into night.

In the second movement, ripples and waves bump into each other. Asynchronous cycles overlap and come together, swirling around each other, dissipate, and build again. Accompanied by the sounds of glass bottles being struck, the two cellos climb from the depths of their instruments to a screaming climax.


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